CANECSA's Partnerships

"Building Anaesthesia Training in the ECSA Region" Programme

CANECSA, the College of Surgeons of East, Central and Southern Africa (COSECSA), the Institute of Global Surgery in the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI), and the College of Anaesthesiologists of Ireland (CAI) work together to build the capacity of CANECSA to address the most significant barrier to safe surgery in the region. This programme is funded by the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and aims to provide access to safer and more affordable anaesthesia care for those in need of surgery in the region.

Announcing the programme launch in February 2020, CANECSA President Dr Mpoki Ulisubisya said “There can be no safe surgery without safe anaesthesia, yet the number of professionals in this field is very low compared to the region’s population and its burden of disease. CANECSA aims to advance education, standards, and research in Safe Anaesthesia and Critical Care for the people of East, Central and Southern Africa to significantly scale up anaesthesia service in the region. The unique collaboration of four Irish and African training Colleges will support CANECSA to work towards health equality for all who are affected by current surgical conditions or require surgical and anaesthesia care in the region.”

Existing training models in place are not producing the necessary number of anaesthesiologists required to provide safe anaesthesia care. At present, the shortage is aggravated by the low number of trainers, a lack of formal training for trainers, the cost of training, and the lack of professional prestige associated with their training. Collegiate training through CANECSA has been identified as an important solution to the lack of anaesthesiologists in the region.

CANECSA, COSECSA, CAI and RCSI are working together to establish training sites in the region, develop suitable curricula and hold internationally benchmarked anaesthesia Fellowship exams.

CANESCA Alliance

A number of organisations have joined together to form the CANECSA Alliance.  The organisations involved are CANECSA, the Royal College of Anaesthetists (RCoA), the College of Anaesthesiologists of Ireland (CAI), the World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists (WFSA), the Association of Anaesthetists (AoA), Oslo University Hospital (OUH) and the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Institute of Global Surgery (RCSI). Our aim is to work collaboratively to support the establishment of CANECSA which will allow anaesthesiology education, training, standards, research and practice in anaesthesia in the region to be centrally coordinated. In particular, our focus is to

  • Build Anaesthetic capacity, leadership and influence
  • Strengthen Anaesthetic practice, systems, policy development, knowledge and research
  • Develop an agreed anaesthetic curricula that is recognised by the relevant authorities in each constituent country
  • Assess and accredit training sites in each constituent country
  • Set standards for the delivery of anaesthetic education, training, assessments and continuing professional development
  • Increase and develop the physician anaesthetic workforce within the region
  • Advocate for greater investment in health as an important driver in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and unmet needs highlighted in the Lancet Commission Report
  • Promote health and health security as a fundamental human right and a prerequisite for economic and social development
  • Develop and implement effective strategies to highlight the relationship between health and the environment; raise awareness of the global health impacts of climate change and promote sustainable development
  • Seek financial support for the establishment of CANECSA, and supporting its financial sustainability in the long term