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Smile Train Scholarship


Smile Train in collaboration with CANECSA offers a two years scholarship to Fellow Candidates Anaesthesiologists who are currently enrolled at the college.

This collaborative programme aims to foster safety in patients through anaesthesia and critical care medicine education training and research.

Award component

Annual academic tuition fees

Annual stipend towards living expenses and access to IT

A travel allowance towards attendance at CANECSA exams and seminars in selected African countries (economy class) and attendance  of one short course per year in any of the CANECSA countries

Candidate’s conditions of eligibility

Must have admission letter form CANECSA

Demonstrate the potential to rise to positions of leadership and influence

Meet the minimum English language requirements for admission to CANECSA Fellowship training

Be domiciled in one of the CANECSA countries at the time of applying for the award and intend to work in their home country at the end of the scholarship

Have completed a MMed program or MCA qualification or the equivalent

Acknowledge the support of Smile Train through the Smile Train – CANECSA Scholarship programme

Eligible countries

CANECSA Constituent member countries; Eswatini, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe


Send a detailed cover letter and CV explaining why you should be considered for this scholarship to the email address below;

Deadline is 30th October 2021