CANECSA is the College of Anaesthesiologists of East, Central and Southern Africa.

The membership of the college covers 8 countries; Eswatini, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Rwanda and Zimbabwe.

CANECSA is a “College without walls,” which conducts training in accredited hospitals, whether public, private or faith based. The college has no central campus but uses existing infrastructure of existing training institutions. It has an administrative office in Arusha, Tanzania, in the East, Central and Southern Africa Health Community. Physical address:


ECSA Health Community Secretariat

157 Olorien

Njiro Road

P.O. Box 1009



Phone: +255272549362/5/6

Email: info@canecsa.com

Copy from Constitution page 3b hence entitled FCA (ECSA)

Applicants must be in possession of a recognized undergraduate medical degree before they can submit their application.

*FCA applicants possessing a  Masters of Medicine (Anaesthesiology) degree will be exempted from doing Part I examination but will be required to sit for Part II.

Follow up online, also an email from the College Secretariate will be sent to you

Candidates are required to register by the end of January to qualify for that year’s training.

When you have completed your training programme (as per the College Curriculum) and been cleared by your Country trainer then you can apply to sit for examinations in that year provided the application is submitted not later than March 31st.

i .Part I exams in shall be conducted in each member country at a selected institution, in September

ii.Part II. College examinations will be conducted at such a place as the AGM will be held takes place in December

CANECSA will have an e-learning platform, containing a wide variety of Anaesthetic training resources useful for all CANECSA candidates.

Your login details will be supplied upon registration. If you encounter any difficulties or questions, please Email:  info@canecsa.edu

Yes it is a mandatory requirement for all candidates.


Yes, CANECSA is recognized in all ECSA HC countries.


Please contact the Chair of the Examinations and Credentialing Committee for more information: Chair_ECC@canecsa.edu

Partnership and collaboration is welcome in CANECSA. Please contact: info@canecsa.edu